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Web Design Trends for 2016 That Are Changing the Industry

Another year has come and gone, and with a new one here comes just as many web design trends for 2016. During the last year, web design experienced a lot of changes as it moved away from being jam-packed with information. Instead, a more aesthetic approach was taken that […]

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Getting Google’s Praise starting April 21st



Google has taught you a lot, and the truth is that if you aren’t staying up to date with their information, you’re missing out on the most optimal experience that can be provided from a search engine. Since there is a […]

Your Site Speed is Sacrificing Your Success

Just because you have a visually appealing, SEO-rich website doesn’t always mean that you’re seen as high-ranking worthiness in Google’s eye. Many people forget about one of the important ranking factors out there; site speed, and although it isn’t as vital as some of the other 200 plus ranking […]

Awesome web design trends we saw in 2013

1. Responsive Layouts

The entire trend pertaining to responsive web design has been continuously changing but has finally come to a conclusive idea of flat designs. These kind of layouts focus on matching all forms of digital media in order to support all devices such as; laptops, desktops, Smartphones, tablets, […]


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