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About Carlos Caneja

With nearly two decades of career experience in IT and online commerce, West Palm Beach-based Carlos Caneja currently serves as President of C2 Consulting Group. Since its founding in 2010, the company offers customized, cutting-edge strategies to help clients achieve their goals—including branding, web design & development, SEO and online marketing. His company’s sophisticated strategies and unique understanding of client goals is driven by a one-on-one customer service-driven mandate, utilizing approaches that are fit best for every individual client. Carlos’ mantra for C2: “Open dialogue is a must when working with our clients, as positive input helps us better understand what they want from each project. It’s how we’re able to consistently deliver results that amaze and impress our clients.” He previously worked for 11 years as COO with Applied Innovations, which provides a wide range of enterprise-grade Windows Hosting services to the online marketplace.

Web Design Trends for 2016 That Are Changing the Industry

Another year has come and gone, and with a new one here comes just as many web design trends for 2016. During the last year, web design experienced a lot of changes as it moved away from being jam-packed with information. Instead, a more aesthetic approach was taken that […]

6 eCommerce Design Trends for 2016 You Need To Know

With a new year here, there are just as many new eCommerce design trends for 2016 that everyone needs to be aware of. You’ve set new goals and made some new years resolutions, many of them likely pertaining to your success. These trends can certainly get you well on […]

C2 Consulting Group Earns Exclusive Google Partnership

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. December 2, 2015. C2 Consulting Group (C2CG) has become a Certified Google Partner, earning the right to display the Certified Google Partner logo on its website and be listed in Certified Google Partner Search. The certification shows agency clients and prospects that C2CG excels at using […]

Convert Customers into Sales with these Navigation Tricks

Traffic is great, but it isn’t doing much for you if your store’s visitors aren’t converting into paying customers. While there are many major changes that can be done to enhance your sales, such as the store’s design, coupons and new copywriting, it is just as important to never […]

Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Content Marketing

Without utilizing excellent SEO marketing practices, you are missing out on a large amount of potential traffic. Although high quality content is vital to gaining traffic organically, you can’t expect that everyone is going to be able to just find you online. SEO content marketing strategy is similar to […]

What You Need To Know About White Hat SEO

SEO can seem like a real pain to learn, and for this sole purpose, many people skip right over it. However, what they don’t know is that without utilizing Google’s SEO (search engine optimization) properly, they aren’t getting the traffic and success from their website that could be a […]

Why Social Media Can’t Be Forgotten For SEO

Social Media; it truly rules the industry if you invest your time into it correctly as it is one of the best tools for showcasing your content and generating those leads. While many people solely focus on SEO practices for rankings, social media can sometimes be shoved under the […]

Google’s Phantom 2 Places Praises The Best Websites and Content

The latest update from Google is here and it’s official; as of April 29th, the Phantom is changing the kind of content websites are providing… after originally being planned for release back in 2013. This is long overdue! The name of this Google algorithm update, Phantom 2 has the […]

How to Test Your Website for Responsive Design

With the very first responsive web design being introduced in 2010, it’s safe to say that this style of websites has certainly taken off in popularity. Apple launched the highly sought after mobile tablet devices called iPads which completely changed the way that we use the web today, and […]

Email Marketing Does Play a Part in your SEO

Email marketing is something that should certainly be a significant element within your online marketing tactics, and as long as it is done correctly, it truly has the ability to be extremely effective with a high return on investment. It also has the ability to work in combination with […]


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